Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments

It’s a fact of life that we will all get wrinkles – it is a natural part of our ageing process. The main cause of wrinkles is the skin’s exposure to sun, but other factors such as smoking, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can also exasperate the problem. Most wrinkles appear on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun such as your face and we are all familiar with forehead frown lines, crows feet and wrinkles on cheeks.

That’s why skin treatments for lines, wrinkles and stretch marks are increasingly popular and there are many non-surgical alternatives that can help rejuvenate and restore good skin.

Here at Riverside Skin Clinic in Henley our signature look is all about creating a natural , fresher look , not a frozen stiff face ,that we so often see with the celebrities , who look slightly robotic and unnatural .a great Botox treatment allows for a little movement so that your expression looks natural . Remember the goal is no wrinkles not no movement.

So why not rediscover your natural beauty at the Riverside Skin Clinic in Henley? We are a leading non-surgical aesthetic clinic offering anti-aging, wrinkle and skin treatments that are tailor made for you.

Botox is recognised as the leading treatment for smoothing and softening the expression lines on your face by reducing the muscle movement, leaving you looking younger and smoother. It is most commonly used to treat frown, forehead and lines around the eyes. Botox is administered by giving a series of small injections which takes a matter of minutes and is usually painless.

Botox is also used to stop excessive sweating and is often used by brides when it’s their time to shine, but not perspire. So if your sweating causes occasional worries or constant embarrassment, Botox injections can control the sweat glands, giving you the confidence to enjoy your big day.

Anti-wrinkle treatments in Henley

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Anti-wrinkle treatments